Room URL

Participants can access room playback screen at this address:

HTML5 Videochat - Plain PHP / Live Streaming: Broadcast & Playback

This setup implements the room lobby with simple live video streaming (from performer to participants) and text chat. This is a simple embedding preview edition, with simple scripts to embed app and showcase few features.
+ Official Live Demo for Live Streaming / HTML5 Videochat Standalone PHP: Live Streaming on WowzaSE | Live Streaming on VideoWhisper WebRTC
+ Download from GitHub: Live Streaming / HTML5 Videochat PHP
+ All Plain PHP Demos: P2P Video Call | Video Call on Wowza SE | Live Streaming on Wowza SE | Live Streaming on VideoWhisper WebRTC | Cam/Mic Recorder
+ Server GitHub: VideoWhisper WebRTC signaling server (NodeJS, supports using STUN/TURN serverlike CoTURN)
+ For testing, get a Free plan from WebRTC Host: P2P.
+ By default application starts in demo mode, for free testing with low resources by site visitors.
+ Technical support & turnkey site plans: Consult VideoWhisper
+ Turnkey Cam Site Solution as WP plugins: Turnkey HTML5 Videochat Site.
Cleaning up old files ... . . . . .